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Q & A with Rafaela Flores, one of our outstanding GMs
What are three reasons you enjoy working at McDonald's® ?
1.The people. My McDonald’s crew and managers are my second family. We all get along great, have fun and share the same goals for our store.
2.The customers. Getting to see them every day and puta smile on their faces is a pleasure for me.
3.The opportunity for career advancement. With proper training and coaching, you can advance as far as you want in your McDonald’s career.
What makes your career at McDonald's rewarding?
There is nothing more rewarding than recognizing the success of my crew and managers and rewarding them for a job well done. I also really enjoy seeing the customers leave with a smile after a great experience. That truly makes my day.
What skills and values have you learned during your career at McDonald's?
1.Customer service. I’ve learned how to work with people, make them feel welcome and earn their trust by providing hospitality.
2.Feedback. I’ve learned how to give and receive feedback to achieve better results for the store. I’ve found that communicating openly can motivate, educate and engage my employees.
3.Leadership. Being a role model, setting a good example, getting to coach, encourage, support others, correct behaviors and help crew reach their peak potential.
In 2012, I won the outstanding assistant manager of the year award in my company because of the success of my people department. We promoted 24 crews trainers, including 6 people into management positions.
What would you tell people who are considering a career at McDonald's?
There are many opportunities to advance in a McDonald’s career, such as McCafe® specialist, crew trainer, shift manager, assistant manager, General Manager and higher. Even without experience, we are willing to train and welcome new people to the team. If you want it to be, it can be a great career.
How has your restaurant's owner/operator played a role in your success?
Having my supervisor as a teacher and role model to guide and encourage me through the process has made me improve the quality of my performance. I learned from her that a leader doesn’t just get the messages across but delivers on what he or she promises.
What values have you learned from your restaurant's owner/operator?
I have learned the value of appreciation. Appreciation is a simple method of motivating and rewarding people. A thank you goes a long way and lets people know they are appreciated. Such as the quote goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” A random act of kindness, such as telling them you appreciate them, can make them feel good. I’m Lovin’ my career!
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This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 1759 Weir Drive
Woodbury MN 55125

Phone: 651-739-2838
Manager: Todd
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