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Invite Ronald To Your School!

Ronald McDonald Wants to Come to Your School

Ronald’s Respect and Anti-Bullying Shows Are Available For Your School!


McRooney Entertainment LLC is once again excited to offer educational and entertaining shows to your Minnesota and Western Wisconsin elementary school… for free! These programs continue a 35-year McDonald’s tradition of offering socially conscious shows with no reference to McDonald’s products.  These highly professional productions are locally written and star some of the best actors in the Twin Cities.  The school staff will appreciate the commercial free message and the reinforcement of school values.  The students will retain the educational information because it is delivered sugar coated from one of the most recognizable characters in the world… Ronald McDonald!


We are proud to offer two different show from which you can choose.  Our newest show is “Trek For Respect,” a show designed to teach kids how to respect themselves, others, and their surroundings.  Ronald will reinforce the golden rule: Treat Others The Way You’d Like To Be Treated.  Great for schools utilizing PBIS!


Back by popular demand is “Bully Buster,” a show designed to teach kids about identifying and dealing with bullying.  Ronald will be teaching kids the “C.A.L.M.” approach to dealing with bullying: Cool down, Assert yourself, Look them in the eye, and Mean what you say (and then walk away).  He’ll also stress the importance of bystanders helping out by telling adults if they see a bullying situation.


In both shows Ronald McDonald and his cast of silly friends make the message meaningful (and fun!) to children with interactivity, magic, music, and lots of laughter. We look forward to visiting your school!


How do I find out more about these shows?  Please visit  You’ll find more information about each show, how to book a performance, evaluations from principals, and frequently asked questions.  In addition please feel free to contact Dan Rooney with McRooney Entertainment LLC at


Have other schools liked these shows?  Schools have us back year after year for a good reason.  See for yourself… Clcik "Testimonials" found in the right navigation window. 

How do I book a school show? Call your local McDonald's restaurant and ask them to book this show at your school. Or contact Dan Rooney with McRooney Entertainment LLC at

Who is the target audience? Kindergarten through fifth grade - and adults, too! This is a full assembly - it's about 45 minutes long.

What is the cost? There is no charge. No, really, it’s free!  Ronald McDonald appears as a community service - courtesy of your nearby McDonald's Restaurant.

What does my school need to provide? Next to nothing! We bring our own lights, microphones, speakers, extension cords, sets - everything we need to put on a great show. All we need is your gymnasium, an hour before the show to set up, and a half hour after the show to tear down.

When is the show available? The show is performed during the standard school year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between October 2010 and May 2012. Our normal show times are 10am or 1pm, but we're flexible.

How long has McDonald’s been offering elementary school shows? The Twin Cities McDonald’s Co-Op has offered elementary school shows for over 35 years. Past school show topics have included conflict resolution, character development, self-esteem, making good choices, and ecology. Throughout the year, Ronald McDonald also visits local children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald House functions, McDonalds restaurants, philanthropic events, and local parades and festivals - free of charge, and with no marketing message.  McDonald’s continued commitment is to use Ronald McDonald as a happiness and educational ambassador.