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Q & A with Michael, one of our outstanding Assistant General Managers

What are three reasons you enjoy working at McDonald's® ?

When I first started at McDonald's, staff members were kind and accepting of me. People with all sorts of backgrounds and personal ambitions come together for hours everyday to provide quality service and value to hundreds of guests daily.

They never teach you in school how hard it is to be a leader, but this career does that. We’re making tough decisions all the time when everyone is depending on you.

Everyday I come into work I see many new and some old faces. I hear stories that I will never forget, and I learn lessons that would have taken me a lifetime to learn on my own. Between customer and employee interaction, you learn how to treat people, you learn that everyone is different and we all have different hopes and dreams.

Why did you choose to make McDonald's your career?

Growing up in the suburbs with a poor family, at a young age, few would find themselves aspiring to be a part of the McDonald's corporation. I wasn't very different. When I was young, I wanted to become someone who could make a difference in the world and to achieve that dream I knew I needed to start by excelling academically. Like most teenagers, I found myself wishing that I had the proper finances to go out with my friends and family to do recreational activities that so many of my peers would brag about. So after applying to nearly every job in my small town, the first employer to call about my application was McDonald's. I was so excited to have this interview and even more excited to learn later I had landed the job. As the months went on, my families’ finances dried up, we couldn't afford the simplest things, but my part-time job got me by in my time of need. It was seriously the reason there was food on the table most nights.

So why did I choose to make McDonald's my career? I chose it because I want to give back to the company that helped me mature and grow into the responsible man I am today. I chose it because I want to help those less fortunate. But above all, I chose McDonald's, because McDonald's was what kept me holding onto life, and if I can do that for at least one other person in this world, then my dream since I was a kid would be fulfilled.

What makes your career at McDonald's rewarding?

The interactions with new people and learning something new everyday are two very rewarding aspects of this career. I've learned so much about myself, including how to overcome a number of difficulties. Another rewarding aspect is the education the McDonald's corporation gave me. McDonald's gave me the resources to become a better man. From teaching me to lead, to helping me understand what it is I really want out of life.

What are the best parts of your job?

One of the best parts of my job is watching people grow to become more prominent and successful in the company. Knowing they are doing better for themselves and are striving to be the best they can be really is the best part of my career. I also love getting to meet new people and hear their stories. But the best part of my job is fixing things; I love getting into machinery and troubleshooting or taking on a task that requires a lot of planning and organization. Watching that machine come back to life or witnessing my plans unfold is truly mind-blowingly awesome!

How has your restaurant's owner/operator played a role in your success?

My owner played an immense role in my success. He’s helped me learn patience, leadership and accountability. He is the reason that I'm in the position that I am today. My owner didn't personally hand me the book filled with the secrets to this mysterious life we live, but he did set me up for success. He did train me, and it was his staff that directly oversaw my growth in this company. You could even say that it was because of my owner that I matured into the man I am today and will continue to affect the decisions I make for years to come.

What would you tell people who are considering a career at McDonald's?

Don't think about working at McDonald's, just do it. You'll learn more about yourself at a much quicker rate then you could ever imagine. It will only do you good and don't worry…you can always thank me later.

The first McDonald's franchisee in England was John King of Hoyes, Middlesex in 1986.


This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

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